JTED EMT Students Save Lives

Jesse Garcia wWhen Jesse Garcia enrolled in the Pima County JTED EMT program he had no idea he’d save a man’s life before completing the course.

The Pima County JTED provides amazing opportunities to young high school students to fulfill their dreams. For some, that dream is to become a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Michelle Watson, JTED EMT Instructor at Empire High School, has had a major impact on her students. Every year Ms. Watson has her students go on a 12-hour ride along to get a taste of what the real job is like. Last year, Ms. Watson had four students save a person’s life during their ride alongs, and this year her students are on that same pace.

It’s only half way through the year and Ms. Watson has two students that have saved someone’s life during their ride along. One of those students is Empire High School senior Jesse Garcia.

During Jesse’s ride along his team responded to a 74-year-old male patient who had collapsed in the bathroom. Jesse said that his team was actually the second response to show up to the scene. They were called because when the first response arrived they had noticed that the patient was losing his pulse and would need more help.

Jesse knew it was time to step up when his team arrived to the scene, “Walking in the door there, the first thing I hear is that crack you hear in the chest and that’s when you know CPR has started on a patient.”

Jesse jumped in the rotation for CPR to help to make sure no EMT got tired and the patient could receive the best possible CPR.

After getting the patient onto the gurney and into the ambulance Jesse and his team continued with the CPR until they reached the hospital, “Once we get to the hospital were trying to make this as smooth as possible to transition from off the ambulance, to the gurney, in to the hospital while continuing the same rhythm of CPR and still bagging the patient at the same time.”

The patient eventually regained his pulse and was in stable condition, it was a Code Save.

Jesse believes that he was able to step up and help at a blink of an eye because of his training from JTED and the fact that his EMT instructors had prepared his mind for these situations, “You don’t think about ‘oh the experience’ too much, you’re just like, ‘wow I’m helping save someone’s life’ and that to me was the most incredible thing.”

Jesse plans to receive his bachelor’s degree and continue on to become a doctor.

Michael Kandaris, Content Marketing Manager for Pima County JTED