Pima JTED Fire Service students and instructor, Fire Captain Gary Watson, are holding a dedication ceremony this Saturday, February 16, to celebrate a recent gift from the Three Points Fire District: A 1985 Van Pelt Fire Engine on a Spartan Gladiator Chassis, that is outfitted with a 500 gallon tank, a 1500 gpm Hale 2 stage pump, an eight-person enclosed cab, aluminum rims, front and rear a/c, with 125,000 miles. The ceremony will take place during the Fire Service’s Saturday Skills Class.

While the engine may have made its last run for the Three Points Fire District, Pima JTED Fire Service students Sebastian Mendoza, Serenity Kerr, Noah Vigileos, and Daniel Ader presented a compelling case to the Fire District Board and Fire Chief John Williams as to how the Engine would serve as great learning tool.

The board members, which includes Richard Kennedy Sr. (Chair), Tracy Nielsen (Clerk), Wendy Mattias, Lorie Wallace, and Steve Knode, voted unanimously to approve the gift, valued at $7,500.

  • Pima JTED Fire Engine Dedication Ceremony
  • Rural/Metro Fire Training Facility
  • 3759 N. Commerce Dr.
  • Saturday, Feb. 16, 10 a.m.