Entrepreneur Skills, Entrepreneur Journey, & Innovation Works! Online curriculum available for public view

Formal adoption of Online program with digital curriculum is being considered and will take place after the Online Program has been reviewed by the public for a period of sixtyEntrepreneur Pathways, Inc webpage days (prior to the ratification for a formal adoption). This resource may be viewed by the public during business hours at the Pima JTED District Office, 2855 W. Master Pieces Drive (Building 1) or online at https://www.entpathways.com/ from now through Thursday, Oct. 10, 2020.

Program Online curriculum being considered for: Business Start-Up/Entrepreneurship

  • Title: Entrepreneur Skills, Entrepreneur Journey, and Innovation Works!
  • Publisher: Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc.
  • https://www.entpathways.com/
  • 7621 N. Del Mar Ave. Suite 102, Fresno, CA 93711
  • (559) 287-4332