Optional On-Site Online Learning Location Available August 17

Dear Pima JTED Students:

We are continuing to work with state and local health officials to determine when it will be safe to resume in-person, traditional instruction.

On August 17, all school districts, including Pima JTED, are required to offer free on-site learning support service to students who need an alternate place to work on their online classes. If you need assistance to access your JTED program from home, please complete our Technology Survey.

Students who are unable to complete their online courses from home may opt to come to our JTED @ The Bridges Campus during their assigned class date and time.

The students who choose this option will receive the same online instruction offered to our students in an open setting supervised by JTED staff. This will be similar to a Study Hall period.

  • Students will need to bring their Chromebook or laptop with either headphones or earpods to work on their online curriculum during their designated regular class day and time.
  • On-site support services do not include in-person instruction. Teachers will hold classes remotely.
  • Students are expected to arrive on-time, stay the entire length of the class, and abide by our Student Code of Conduct. JTED @ The Bridges is a closed campus, which means students are not permitted to leave the premises until they are dismissed for the day by the teacher. Students are not permitted to have visitors or deliveries including food.
  • Food service is not available. Students may bring a snack and beverage to enjoy at a designated outdoor patio area during breaks.
  • Only authorized students and staff will be permitted on campus, visitors are not allowed.
  • All staff and students on campus must follow all COVID protocols at all times. This includes wearing an approved cloth facemask, social distancing six feet apart from others, and practicing hand washing and sanitation procedures.
  • All students and staff must agree to not enter a Pima JTED campus if they have one or more COVID symptoms, feel ill in any manner, or if they live with or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19. Students must notify a Pima JTED staff member immediately if they develop any symptoms while on campus.

Students who are interested in accessing the on-site support services at our JTED @ The Bridges campus (3300 S. Park Ave.) are asked to contact our Chief Academic Officer Patti Greenleaf.

Thank you!

Kathy Prather, Superintendent