You remember your fifth grade teacher.  Who will remember you? Are you interested in inspiring young people to pursue a career or trade by sharing your expertise? The Pima County JTED can help you earn your instructional teaching certification.

To start: Learn the requirements for Arizona CTE Certification at the Arizona Department of Education CTE Certification Website

Next: Contact us, and we’ll help guide you through one of the many pathways for pursuing CTE Standard Certification which includes four alternative pathways:

  1. Standard CTE Option A = I have a college degree related to the CTE Program I wish to teach but I do not have a teaching degree
  2. Standards CTE Option B = I am already a fully certified teacher (math, English, etc.) and want to be CTE certified also
  3. Standards CTE Option C = I have in excess of 6000 hours of industry experience related to the CTE program I want to teach
  4. Standard Specialized CTE is a new option that has higher requirements initially but may be much easier if you qualify. It requires that you have at least 5 years of full-time employment in a related occupational area plus one of the following:

One of the following (Option A, B, C or D)

  1. Bachelor’s or more advanced degree in business or marketing*; or
  2. Bachelor’s or more advanced degree and twenty four (24) semester hours of coursework in business or marketing*; or
  3. Associate’s degree in business or marketing*; or
  4. Industry certification, license, or credential in a business or marketing area, approved by the appropriate Department of Education CTE Program Specialist or Program Services Director. Submit a photocopy of the industry certificate, license, or credential.

*Submit official transcript(s) from an accredited institution documenting degrees/coursework.

Professional Knowledge courses offered by Pima County JTED:

  • Advanced Methods of Teaching CTE
  • Basic Instructional Technology in CTE for PC users
  • Classroom Management
  • CTE Essentials
  • CTSO New Advisor Training
  • CTSO Beginning and Advanced Officer Training
  • Effective Classroom Teaching
  • Effective Demonstrations
  • Grading and Assessment
  • Instructional Best Practices
  • Laboratory Safety and Management
  • Lesson Plan Writing
  • Methods of Teaching CTE (3 credits)
  • Program Management
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Serving Exceptional Students in CTE
  • Strategic Planning
  • Student-Based Enterprise
  • Technical Reading
  • Technical Skills Assessment
  • Using Advisory Councils Effectively
  • Using Rubrics to Increase Student Success
  • Work-Based Learning

All of the above courses are free of charge to teachers or potential teachers that reside or teach within the boundaries of Pima JTED.  For teachers from other districts there is a charge of $100 per course.

Professional Knowledge courses required, but not offered by Pima County JTED

  • US Constitution
  • AZ Constitution

There is partial reimbursement available for CTE teachers within Pima JTED. See the Certification Coursework Reimbursement tab on the Professional Development page for more information.

Disclaimer: Pima County JTED does not dispense certification advice. While we believe that the information provided is accurate we ask that each teacher works directly with ADE Certification Unit personnel to confirm your certification questions and needs.