Are you interested in helping young people learn a career or trade by sharing your expertise? The Pima County JTED can help you earn your instructional teaching certification. If you have 6000 hours of experience in your trade, plus a State of Arizona Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Card, you can enroll in the program. Currently there are nine courses to complete and all courses are open to the community.

To start: Learn the requirements for Arizona CTE Certification at the Arizona Department of Education CTE Certification Website

Next: Contact us, and we’ll help guide you through one of the many pathways for pursuing CTE Standard Certification which include:

Option A = I have a college degree in my field but NOT a teaching degree

Option B = I have a valid non-CTE teaching certificate (math, English, etc.) and want to be CTE certified

Option C = I have in excess of 6000 hours of industry experience

Professional Knowledge courses offered by Pima County JTED:

  • Instructional Best Practices
  • Classroom Management
  • Laboratory Safety and Management
  • CTE Program Management
  • Effective Demonstrations
  • CTSO Advisor’s Toolbox
  • Common Core in CTE
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Methods of Teaching Career & Technical Education – (Option B)
  • CTSO Officer Training – 2 days
    • Beginning Officer Training (w/officers)
    • Conducting Effective Meetings (w/officers)

Professional Knowledge courses required, but not offered by Pima County JTED

  • Structured English Immersion – Augmented (45 hours)
  • Structured English Immersion – Completion (45 hours)
  •  US Constitution
  • AZ Constitution

Disclaimer: Pima County JTED does not dispense certification advice. While we believe that the information provided is accurate we ask that each teacher works directly with ADE Certification Unit personnel to confirm your certification questions and needs.