Course Offerings 2019-2020

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Certification Help Sessions

Professional Knowledge Coursework

  • Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education

Professional Knowledge Courses

The following courses will help you to become a strong classroom instructor

  • Instructional Best Practices
  • Effective Classroom Teaching
  • Effective Demonstrations
  • Grading and Assessments
  • Technical Skills Assessment
  • Using Rubrics to Increase Student Success
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Lesson Plan Writing
  • Serving Exceptional Students in CTE
  • Advanced Methods of Teaching CTE

The following courses will help you to become an excellent manager of your classroom and lab

  • Classroom Management
  • Laboratory Safety and Management

The following courses will help you to develop all aspects of a comprehensive CTE program

  • Program Management
  • CTE Essentials
  • CTSO New Advisor Training
  • CTSO Beginning Officer Training
  • CTSO Advanced Officer Training
  • Work-Based Learning
  • School-Based Enterprise
  • Strategic Planning
  • Using Advisory Councils Effectively
  • Designing Math Lessons for Your Program
  • Math Podcast for Automotive Technology and Construction Technology
  • Technical Reading


  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations
  • Increasing Non-Traditional Enrollment and Retention
  • Collaboration Day