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Business Management & Administrative Services

  • Interpret budgets, income statements, balance sheets, and to use other financial information with risk management to become an entrepreneur
  • Analyze internal and external markets, differentiate between product and service-based marketing, and be able to predict how changes in sales volume, unit costs, and unit sales pricing affect net income
  • Use computerized information systems and technology and learn the fundamentals of administrative and communication functions, human resource management, and general management practices that are essential to the success of any business
  • Analyze and prioritize the needs of an organization, develop project plans and timelines, and monitor project progress with a management reporting system

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Artistic – Enterprising – Social

Locations offering Business Management & Administrative Services:

  • Catalina Foothills High School
  • Desert View High School
  • Nogales High School
  • Pierson Vocational High School
  • Santa Rita High School
  • Sunnyside High School
  • Tucson Magnet High School
  • Vail Academy and High School