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Business Operations Support & Assistant Services

  • Utilize technology to perform and coordinate office administrative activities ensuring information is collected and disseminated to staff and clients effectively and efficiently
  • Learn ¬†about keyboarding skills, software techniques, graphics, design forms, and merging text to produce documents
  • Gain knowledge in proofreading, editing, organizing resource materials, notarization, database and spreadsheet ¬†software, data entry, and preserving and retrieving electronic files/records
  • Assemble materials and documentation for meetings, prepare meeting minutes, maintain office equipment and supplies, arrange travel, master proper telephone skills, and manage payroll and banking procedures
  • Become proficient in navigating the Internet and intranet, e-mail functions, characterizing URLs and protocols, using search engines and web tools, practicing project management, and understand staffing procedures

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Artistic – Enterprising – Social

Locations offering Business Operations Support & Assistant Services:

  • Catalina High School
  • Cholla High School
  • JTED @ Project SEARCH (Banner South)
  • JTED @ Project SEARCH (UA)
  • Rio Rico High School