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Comprehensive Health Care Technician

Earn three certifications that lead to direct and employment and gain skills to advance your career in the medical field: Phlebotomy, Electrocardiography (EKG), and Electronic Health Record (EHR).

  • As a Phlebotomy Technician student you will learn theory and gain hands-on practice to master both the technical and procedural aspects necessary to perform venipuncture and collect blood specimens.
  • To earn your EKG Technician certification your instructor will introduce you to the basic principles of electrocardiographic devices and their use to test and record electrical impulses from the heart. You will learn to record EKGs, vital signs, cardiac rhythms, and stress, plus understand how EKG changes and myocardial infarctions are associated.
  • Your EHR certification will prepare you to ethically and legally access and manage electronic health records, often referred to as “charts” which contain patient treatments and medical history, at a medical office.

Eligibility: Grades 11, 12

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JTED @ The Bridges: M-F (Block) Periods 1,2 (8:05-10:15 a.m.) or Periods 3,4 (10:18 a.m. – 12:28 p.m.)

Credits: 1/year

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