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Electrical Utilities Technology

  • Gain an understanding of the different types of energy resources and how energy is transformed into usable energy, such as electrical power.
  • Develop applied math skills that are critical for you to succeed in energy industry jobs.
  • Prepare to earn your nationally-recognized certificate¬†for direct employment in the utility industry.
  • Become eligible for TEP’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

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Electrical Utilities Technology

2-year program

Locations: JTED @ Pima Community College Downtown Campus, JTED @ TEP Training Site – Tucson

Eligibility: Grade 11, must have a PCC A#, minimum required PCC assessment scores (math, reading, writing)

Credits: 3/year

Meeting times:
Year 1: Tues/Thur TBD
Year 2: TEP Training Site TBD

Locations offering Electrical Utilities Technology:

  • JTED @ Tucson Electric Power
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