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Energy Technology

Prepare to earn your certification for direct employment and become eligible for TEP’s pre-apprenticeship program. Learn about installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical infrastructure systems, or the basics of the gas-line industry, industry pipe fitting and gas-line infrastructure systems.

Certification: OSHA 10, NCCER Core 1, and NCCER Core 2

Direct Employment: With 2 summer classes direct employment to TEP Apprenticeship; Employment with Southwest Gas or their subcontractors

Job Leads To: Electric Power Line Workers (installers/repairers), Substation/Replay Workers, and Pipe-Fitters/Steam-Fitters

Eligibility: Grades 11 – 12, must have a PCC A#, minimum required PCC assessment scores (math, reading, writing)

Holland Codes:




Conventional – Investigative – Realistic

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Energy Technology

Year 1 – JTED @ Pima Community College Downtown Campus: TBD

Year 2 – JTEC @ TEP Training Site Tucson: TBD

Credits: 2/Year

Locations offering Energy Technology:

  • JTED @ Pima Community College
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