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Precision Machining / Manufacturing

  • Design a job process plan by interpreting blueprint drawings, symbols, scales, and legends; as well as identifying and sketching dimensions
  • Produce products using hand drills, scrapers, hydraulic presses, vises, milling machines, grinding wheels, Cartesian coordinates, multi-axis CNC equipment, etc.
  • Create and implement manufacturing processes meeting quality standards; maintain equipment, tools and workstations; perform safety and health requirements for maintenance, installation and repair
  • Demonstrate mathematical concepts in manufacturing including metric conversions, geometric concepts and terminology, trade formulas, and arithmetic operations – with or without a calculator

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Precision Manufacturing

1-3 Years Available

Eligibility: Grades 10 – 12

Meeting times: JTED @ Tanque Verde
Mon-Fri per school bell schedule or Mon/Wed 4 – 6:30 p.m

Credits: 1/year

-NIMS Measurement and Safety
-NIMS Drill Press


Locations offering Precision Machining / Manufacturing:

  • Desert View High School
  • JTED @ Pima Community College
  • JTED @ Tanque Verde
  • Tanque Verde High School
  • Tucson Magnet High School
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