• Man Working With Computer And Laptop

Software Development

  • Use your skills of analysis and design to create programs with the same software the pros use; compile and execute programs; and follow established documentation standards
  • Use a program editor to enter and modify code; identify errors; and perform integration testing
  • Write code to perform arithmetic calculations; employ modules; and use conditional structures in writing programs, repetitive structures, simple data types and strings
  • Implement arrays in programs; identify correct syntax for declaring and initializing arrays of data types; access elements; manipulate data; employ programming; and perform run-time error handling

Locations offering Software Development:

  • Amphitheater High School
  • Canyon Del Oro High School
  • Catalina Foothills High School
  • Desert View High School
  • Empire High School
  • Flowing Wells High School
  • Ironwood Ridge High School
  • Marana High School
  • Mountain View High School
  • Sahuarita High School
  • Sunnyside High School
  • Walden Grove High School