Reserve a Vehicle

Pima JTED employees may reserve a vehicle from the district’s small fleet for the sole purpose of conducting official district business.

  • If you request a vehicle and one is not available, you may be authorized to use your own vehicle and be reimbursed at the prevailing state rate.
  • If you are traveling less than ten miles (i.e. from Master Pieces to Mountain View), please do not reserve a car. Instead, ask to use a JTED vehicle on that day if one is available, otherwise you will need to use your own vehicle.
  • To make a vehicle reservation, please fill out the following electronic form at least three business days in advance of the time needed.
  • Priority for honoring reservations will be based on the purpose of the trip, the distance being traveled, and the number of JTED employees traveling together.
  • All employees must provide a copy of their driver’s license and sign the Pima JTED¬†Vehicle Use and Regulations¬†Agreement prior to using a vehicle. These documents are kept on file in the Human Resources Office.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact Isabel Duenas at extension 7100.