Student Contracts & Agreements

Parents and students: This is a copy of the contracts and agreements. Please indicate on the online registration form that you have read and accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Contract for Eliminating Guns and Weapons from School
  • Acceptable Use Agreement for Students for Electronic Information Services
  • Photo Release
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Consent to Exchange Information
  • Release of Liability for Travel and Experiences Outside of the Classroom
  • Materials/Services Agreement
  • Contract for Eliminating Guns and Weapons from School

    Arizona Revised Statute #13-3102 states that it is illegal to possess a deadly weapon on school grounds. Any student in possession of any type of weapon on school grounds will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the Pima County Attorney’s Office.

    While the elimination of guns and weapons from schools is the responsibility of all segments of the school and society, three individuals have especially crucial responsibility: the student, parent, and superintendent. This contract draws attention to the specific responsibilities of those three individuals.


    • I will tell my peers to seek adult assistance when conflict situations begin to get out of control.
    • I agree not to bring a gun or any weapon to school or to any school event.
    • I will not carry another person’s gun or weapon.
    • If I see a gun or other weapon on campus or at a school event, I will alert an adult about its existence.


    • I will teach, including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons, and I will keep any guns and all weapons I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from my children.
    • I will support the school’s policies to eliminate the misuse of guns and weapons on school grounds and work with the school in developing programs to prevent violence.
    • I will carry out my responsibility to teach my children how to settle arguments without resorting to violence, to encourage him/her to use those ideas when necessary, and to follow school guidelines on reporting guns and weapons they see on campus to an appropriate adult.


    • I will ensure that students have an anonymous way to report to an adult any guns or weapons they see on campus.
    • I will promote conflict resolution for all students as part of the curriculum.
    • I will communicate the school’s policies on guns and weapons to all participants in the school community and focus upon the responsibilities we all have.
    • I will use the school’s student leadership groups and students meetings to obtain ideas to develop a safe school environment.
    • I will report all guns and other weapons violations on campus to law enforcement officials, according to established procedures.

    Acceptable Use Agreement for Student for Electronic Information Services


    Please read this document carefully. When agreed upon by you, it becomes an agreement between you and the District. Your signature/electronic acknowledgment indicates that you agree to abide by the conditions and guidelines established herein.

    The goal of the Pima County Joint Technical Education District (JTED) is to promote academic excellence by providing staff and students with access opportunities to information, communication, and research sources throughout the world. Therefore, the District endorses the use of electronic information services (EIS) as educational tool.

    The District has taken reasonable precautions to limit inappropriate use and restrict access to offensive or questionable material; however, due to the nature of the technology, absolute control of all online activities is impossible. Therefore, ultimate responsibility of electronic activity rests in the hands of the user.

    Acceptable Use:

    I understand that electronic information services access provided by Pima JTED is a privilege, not a right, and each individual user is accountable for his or her own activities online. Any use that violates or does not meet every guideline outlined below is considered unacceptable. With this in mind, I agree to the following guidelines:

    1. I will refrain from accessing any areas of the Internet or to other electronic services that would be inappropriate for the school environment because of pornographic or sexual content, racial, ethnic, or minority disparagement, computer viruses, advocating violence, or illicit/illegal content. I am responsible for the monitoring and, if necessary, rejecting inappropriate or unlawful materials, links, dialogue, and information accessed/received by me.
    2. I accept responsibility for keeping copyrighted material from entering the school, absent appropriate permission of the copyright owner. Therefore, I must not load or download games, music, graphics, videos, or text materials that are copyrighted, absent appropriate permission from the copyright owner, on a standalone computer or a District maintained network computer.
    3. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Therefore, I accept responsibility for using information loaded or downloaded from electronic services in an appropriate manner. I will not post, distribute or sue without permission material that was created by someone else.
    4. I will be courteous and use educationally appropriate speech and expression when using electronic services and other technical tools. Therefore, I will refrain from swearing or using any forms of obscene, vulgar, harassing, or abusive words, pictures, or symbols.
    5. I will report any harassment or non-courteous behavior I witness online to my administrator or the District Administration.
    6. I will not reveal personal information, including addresses and telephone numbers of mine or others.
    7. I will not lend my account number or password to others, or otherwise compromise the security of the system with which I work. If I permit others to utilize my personal account, I agree to directly log on and supervise the account activity. I understand that I am accountable for the appropriate use of the account, including, but not limited to, password protection.
    8. I understand that electronic mail and any all used of District technology services are not guaranteed to be private. System administrators have access to all electronic mail and computer files. Messages relating to, or in support of illegal activities may be reported to appropriate authorities.
    9. I understand that I am not to purchase any services or products without the appropriate approval, and that I am responsible for any expense incurred.
    10. I will refrain from downloading, uploading, or otherwise adding to the network any words, pictures, or symbols that would be inappropriate in a school environment because of pornographic or sexual content, racial, ethnic, or minority disparagement, computer viruses, advocating violence, or illicit/illegal content.
    11. I accept responsibility for avoiding substantial and material disruption of the educational process for the school community.
    12. I understand that District computing facilities will be used exclusively for education purposes. Therefore, I will not use District resources for commercial purposes or sending unauthorized, unsolicited non-personal electronic mail messages.
    13. I understand that any piece of electronic mail that is to be sent to “all staff” must be approved in advance by the building or District administration.

    Expectations and Responsibilities:

    1. Users are expected to maintain sounds ethical judgement while online and adhere to the legal guidelines outlined in the Acceptable Use Agreement.
    2. Users are expected to relate security problems to system administrators and not demonstrate the problem to others.
    3. Users are expected to not harm, modify, or destroy hardware or any system relating to electronic information or resources.
    4. Users are prohibited from downloading or uploading any executable file on the District’s network.
    5. System administrators may close any account at any time.
    6. Pima County JTED reserves the right to log and monitor the use of all systems and monitor file server space utilization, including, should it become necessary, the deletion of saved files.
    7. Pima County JTED reserves the right to establishing such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the efficient operations of all electronic information systems.

    Disclaimer or Liability:

    Although the District uses filtering software and effective monitoring in an attempt to limit access, the very nature of the Internet makes the ultimate responsibility reside with the student/user. Therefore, the District cannot be held liable for unacceptable use. In addition, the District does not assume any liability for any information lost, damaged, or unavailable due to technical and/or other difficulties.


    Infractions of the provisions set forth in this Acceptable Use Agreement may result in suspension or termination of access privileges and/or appropriate disciplinary action. Activities in violation of state and federal statutes will be subject to prosecution by those authorities. Disciplinary action may be taken by the District as appropriate.

    Photo Release

    I hereby give permission for representatives and/or agents of the Pima County Joint Technical Education District (JTED) to photograph/videotape the student while he/she is participating in a JTED program. I irrevocably grant to JTED unrestricted rights to use the above mentioned sound, still, or moving images in any medium for educational, promotional, advertising, social media or other purposes without limitation consistent with the mission of JTED.  I voluntarily waive the right to inspect or approve such images. I understand that this release constitutes a waiver of my privacy rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    This release is effective on the date signed and will remain in effect indefinitely.

    I understand the photograph/video may be used in school district printed and electronic publications, websites, presentations, and with news releases to local news media, and I understand that the photo/video will likely be viewed by the general public.

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Consent to Exchange Information

    I understand the need for the exchange of information between Pima County Joint Technical Educational District (JTED) #11 and the student’s home high school. I also understand that the information that is shared will be treated with utmost confidentiality. I give permission to the Pima County JTED and my home high school to exchange m academic records. These records may include, but are not limited to: assessments scores, attendance records, progress reports, grades, transcripts, discipline, and other pertinent education records throughout the course of my education program. This agreement is valid for 60 days after the student’s completion of the program.

    Release of Liability for Travel and Experiences Outside of the Classroom

    In addition to classroom activities, the Pima County JTED Program, in which my child/ward is enrolled, includes program-related activities outside the normal school day that rewire transportation that is not provided by the Pima JTED or the home school district of my child/ward. I accept responsibility for providing or arranging for transportation to and from the activities that are part of the Pima JTED program. Further, in consideration of my child’s/ward/s participation in the program, I hereby release, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the Pima Joint Technical Education District #11, any other school district in which my child/ward is enrolled and all other participating agencies, their officers, employers and/or agents for any and all losses due to property damage, personal injury, accident, illness or death occurring during or as a result, in whole or in part, of the transportation of my child/ward to and from these Pima JTED program-related activities.

    I understand that the Pima JTED is not in control of the selection of supervision of personnel in the offices, clinics and other locations where my child/ward may engage in program0related activities, and that such non-school personnel are not required to undergo the fingerprint clearance process required of Pima JTED employees. I will instruct mu child/ward to notify Pima JTED faculty or other personnel promptly of any conduct if such non-school personnel that is unprofessional or otherwise inappropriate. I hereby release, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the Pima JTED or any other school district in which my child/ward is enrolled, their officers, employers and/or agents for any and all claims, losses or injuries based upon the acts or omissions of persons who are not employees, contractors or agents of the Pima JTED or the other school district.

    Materials/Services Agreement

    A student choosing to withdraw from a Pima JTED Central Campus Program is to provide written notice to the Pima JTED Office of Enrollment Services. The notice is to indicate the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student and parent.

    Should the student withdraw from the program (for any reason) prior to completion, the student will be required to return all issued equipment, materials, and uniforms in reusable condition, and pay any fees rendered on his/her behalf. This includes, but not limited to: tuition, CPR training, and fingerprint clearance.

    The Pima County JTED #11 is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, language of origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or marital status. Unless expressly superseded by controlling federal or state statutes, regulations or court decisions, this policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff members, students, the public, educational programs and services and individuals with whom the Joint Board does business.