This form may be completed by the teacher/CTSO Advisor or your district CTE Director. Once the form is submitted, the teacher and CTE Director will receive an email notification. The CTE Director must forward that notification with the word “Approved” in the body of the message to Patti Greenleaf within 7 days for the form to be processed.

Pima JTED will provide $50 per traveler per day (max $350 per traveler) of matching funds (district, grant, fund-raising, etc.) upon meeting the following conditions:

  1. The competition is sponsored by one of the seven ADE-approved CTSO’s or is in conjunction with a National CTSO Conference. The local chapter of the CTSO must be in good standing with the Arizona Department of Education.
  2. The individual or team “earned” a spot in a national contest by winning a qualifying contest, or has earned the right to go through chapter activities participation.
  3. All students receiving JTED support will be competing in one or more contests at the national level. (A list of student names and how they qualified must be submitted with this request).
  4. An individual student may receive no more than one JTED travel award per school year (exceptions may be accepted on a case by case basis).
  5. The request for travel assistance must be made in writing no less than 10 business days prior to the JTED Governing Board meeting where the request will be included as an agenda item. If approved, please allow three weeks for payment process. Payment will be sent to the local district’s CTE Director, not to individual students. Applications will be made available through the JTED office as requested.
  6. Payment only includes the day before the conference starts, conference days, and the day after the conference concludes.