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Kathy Prather became the Superintendent/CEO of Pima JTED on July 1, 2018, one year after being appointed as the district’s Deputy Superintendent. Her career in education spans 29 years and multiple locations throughout Arizona, including Rough Rock High School, Prescott College, Northwest Pioneer College, Mohave Community College, Mohave High School, Colorado River Union High School District, Tucson Unified School District, and Sunnyside Unified School District.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration-Management, a Master of Arts Degree in Vocational Technical Education, and multiple certifications from the Arizona Department of Education including Superintendent, Principal and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher.

Each year, thousands of students in the CTE programs she oversees receive nationally-recognized industry certifications, licenses and credentials as well as dual college credit from Pima Community College and/or concurrent tuition credit from the University of Arizona. The innovative programs she has developed over the years have captured the attention of local, national and international media including CNN Money in 2016, Korean News Network in 2015, Manufacturing News in 2016, Arizona Public Media-PBS in 2014, District Administrator Magazine in January 2017, Mrs. Green’s World on iHeart Radio and many local network news broadcast features.

The Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona (ACTEAZ) recognized Kathy’s contributions to CTE with their 2011 Administrator of the Year Award, and again with the 2016 ACTEAZ Lifetime Achievement Award.  She is also the Greater Tucson Leadership 2022 Woman of the Year. Kathy served on the Board of the National Council of Local Administrators (NCLA) from 2008-2015 as well as the Executive Board of the Arizona Council of Occupational and Vocational Administrators (ACOVA) from 2006-2014.  Kathy currently serves as a member of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, United Way Cradle to Career Leadership Committee, Metropolitan Education Commission, Pima County Workforce Investment Board, Banner University Medicine Community Advisory Committee and Tucson’s Leading Women, and has previously served on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity Tucson.

Kathy was instrumental in the formation of the Pima County Joint Technological Education District #11, which is now known as Pima JTED.  Prior to the JTED Proposition 400 item being listed on the ballot in 2006, she led community forums and made multiple presentations to business, industry and local school district governing boards.

Today, Kathy remains committed to forging mutually beneficial partnerships with business, community, and educational leaders to strengthen Pima JTED’s programs which provide local industry with the skilled workforce they need to thrive. She is actively transforming the culture at Pima JTED to the Growth Mindset to elevate students’ experiences, and employee job satisfaction. One of her top priorities is continuing to develop students’ professional skills so that they are ready to succeed in both college and careers.

Pima JTED continues to bring over $30 million dollars annually in supplemental funding for satellite and central CTE programs in Pima, Santa Cruz and Pinal Counties.

A native Tucsonan, Kathy lives with her husband Brad Prather, a retired teacher.  They have two grown children, and one granddaughter.


  • Abby Lowe

    Health Care Foundations Instructor
  • Abel Vazquez

    Director of Information Technology
  • Alena Pappas

    Health Care Foundations Instructor
  • Alissa Morris

    ECE Instructor/Program Manager
  • Amanda Simeza

    Director of Student Services
    Hablo Español
  • Amy Davidson

  • Ann Marie Lee, RN

    Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor & Program Coordinator
  • Ashley Lown, NBCT

    Potoff Private Philanthropy Endowed Chair, Engagement & Placement Coordinator
  • Audra Kelley, CVT

    Veterinary Science Instructor
  • Beth Francis, RN, MS

    Health Care Professions Manager
  • Betty Waddell

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Betzaida Heras

    Medical Assistant Instructor
    Hablo Español
  • Brian Danter

    Fire Services Instructor
  • Brian King

    Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Brice Menaugh

  • Cassandra Rodriguez

    Construction Technologies Instructor
  • Christina Suarez

    Executive Assistant/Office Manager
  • Conny White PT, ScD

    Physical Therapy Technician Instructor
  • Corinne Angello

    Culinary Arts and Pastry Instructor
  • Curt Bertelsen

    Director of Professional Development
  • David Fuller

    3D Animation Game Design Instructor
  • Deborah Kresal

    Preschool Teacher
  • Debra Amos

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Derika Louk

    Business Manager
  • Desiree Wible

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Dolores Salars

    Project SEARCH Instructor
  • Greg D’Anna

    Director of Public Relations
  • Jacob Earp

    Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence Instructor
  • Jason Pototsky

    Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence Instructor
  • Jennifer Al Zaidi

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Jennifer Atteberry-Pierpont

    Director of Student Pathways
  • Joanna Grijalva, CVT

    Veterinary Science Program Manager
  • John Gonzales

  • Josue Tapia Landy

    Construction Technologies Instructor
  • Joyce Wall, RN

    LNA/CH Instructor & Program Coordinator
  • Juan Rojas

    Hablo Español
  • Kathleen Asman

    Cosmetology Program Manager
  • Kathy Prather

  • Kelly Christman

    Business Start-up/Entrepreneurship Instructor
  • Ken James

    Air Transportation – Uncrewed & Crewed Flight Systems Instructor
  • Kristina Encinas

    Medical Assistant Instructor
  • Kyle Gordon

    Industrial Program Specialist/ Engineering Instructor
  • Laura Miller

    Veterinary Science Instructor
  • Leah Evans

  • Lisa Best

    Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor
  • Maeve Sielawa

    Social & Mental Health Technician Instructor
  • Merrill Kemp-Wilcox

    Director of Research & Development
    Hablo Español
  • Michael Bates

    Heavy Equipment Operations Instructor
  • Michael Powell

    Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Michele Shoemaker

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Michelle Barcanic

    Enrollment Specialist Counselor
  • Mike Srsen

    Graphic Design Instructor
    Hablo Español
  • Patricia Harrington

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Patti Greenleaf

    Chief Academic Officer
  • Peter Chen

    Health Care Foundations Instructor
  • Quinn Minor

    Engineering Instructor
  • Raul Romero

    Medical Assistant Instructor
  • Robb Fountain

    Law, Public Safety & Security Instructor
  • Robert Cantrell, M.D.

    Health Care Foundations Instructor
  • Robin Gilbow

    Pharmacy Technician Instructor
  • Rochelle Leitschuck, RN, MSN

    Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor
  • Salvatore Fiorella

    Air Transportation – Crewed & Uncrewed Flight Systems Instructor
  • Scott Sutherland

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Scott Weiler

    Robotics & Manufacturing Instructor
  • Selena Ahrens

    Cosmetology Instructor
  • Stacey Hackett

  • Tanisha Tatum

  • Terri Amonson

    Assistant Principal
  • Theresa Ketchum, RN, BSN

    Licensed Nursing Assistant Instructor
  • Thomas Bogart

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Tyler Oberlin

    Project SEARCH Instructor
  • William “Ed” Rothlisberger

    Hablo Español
  • Xochitl Sierra