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Professional Development

  • Behind every successful student stands a  highly skilled, inspiring, and dedicated teacher. This is why the Pima JTED offers CTE instructors several growth opportunities while also providing college–level coursework toward Standard CTE Certification. Online registration is available through PDHUB.
  • If you are currently working in a professional trade, or a teacher looking to earn your CTE certification, we can help. Click on the Certification tab (left) to get started.
  • The Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium, provides access to lessons created for CTE Programs.
  • Contact Professional Development if you need a password or assistance for PD-Hub or the JTED Wiki.
  • The Arizona Department of Education provides information on state certification requirements. Follow the information for Career & Technical Education Industry to Classroom Assistance.

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  • Curt Bertelsen

    Curt Bertelsen, Professional Development Director

    JTED @ Master Pieces
    520 209-1839
  • Mary Andrade Admin Assistant

    Mary Andrade, Administrative Assistant

    JTED @ Master Pieces
    520 209-1830
  • Tammy Bonner

    Tammy Bonner, AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium Director

    JTED @ Camino Seco
    520 209-1785 x7428