Gifts to Honor the Legacy of Mel Zuckerman

School Tax Credit Donations

When you donate to help Pima County JTED students start successful careers, the Arizona Public School Tax Credit (ARS 43-1098.01) allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return.

Make a contribution before the end of the tax year, and you can receive a tax credit of up to $400 when filing a joint tax return, or up to $200 when filing as a single taxpayer.

Your tax credit reduces your final tax liability. It can reduce the amount you owe, or increase the amount of your refund. This is a great way to specify that you want your tax dollars used to help students move to careers and college.

Please consult your tax professional for more information and visit for specific forms and guidelines.

How does it work?

Just send a donation to the Pima County JTED, earmarked for support of one of our many qualifying extracurricular activities. We’ll send you a receipt for your records. Then, when you complete your Arizona state taxes, you can subtract your donation from what you owe in taxes. Use Form 322 to deduct your contribution. For further information, or to clarify how your donation will affect your taxes, consult an income tax professional.

  • By law, only donations to extracurricular activities that charge a fee qualify for the tax credit.
  • Donations must be made to the JTED Central Campus school district, but may be directed toward a specific program at a specific school.
  • You may specify that your donation is a contribution that benefits all children, or you may designate it as a fee to cover the cost of a specific child’s participation in an extra-curricular, i.e. Career and Technical Student Organization activity.

Just fill out the secure form or you may make your donation in person at the Pima County JTED District Office.