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From JTED to Johns Hopkins

Alena Pappas credits Pima JTED for helping her on her path to one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.


From Our Alumni

Thanks to JTED, I found a passion that I never knew I had. JTED gave me the opportunity to explore Early Childhood Education and become a teacher. I am grateful for the experiences that JTED provided me with at such a young age.β€œ

Briana Chaney

2014, Early Childhood Education

Pima JTED helped me choose my path today and provided the experiences I need to achieve my goals as a police officer.”

Kylia Enriquez

Kylia Enriquez

2018, Law, Public Safety & Security

JTED helped me find what I was looking for, if you could take it, you could make it. It gives you a good sense of freedom once you accomplish that because you put all that time and effort in and it’s own your own accord that you were able to accomplish this.”

Jordan Limon

Jordan Limon

2021, Aviation Technology

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