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Finding Independence

Kaitlyn and Ethan credit Project SEARCH for helping them break out of their shells and find independence in their lives. Hear them discuss the process and how happy they are now!

From Our Alumni

It’s a lot of hard work but if you commit it’s worth it in the long term, like financially, starting a career. Me and my best friend both did JTED and both have careers from it.”

Emily Murtaugh

2017, Cosmetology

JTED was fully immersive into the world of veterinary medicine, and it made me realize this is what I truly want to do. It made me realize that I do love it, it wasn’t just a phase. It also showed me how hard it could be, there are hard cases, they are hard topics that we cover so, when I got to the point where I was applying for veterinary school I was coming into it with my eyes open.

Dr. Miriam Solinsky

2014, Veterinary Science

Some people might not think there’s a lot of opportunities that come out of it but it just proves right here there is an opportunity that will come. I probably wouldn’t have honestly got this opportunity if it wasn’t for JTED.”

Desmond Bustamante

2018, Graphic Design