Concurrent & Dual Enrollment

Pima JTED moves students to careers and college, and we can help you achieve your career goals faster than your peers by giving you the opportunity to earn college credits while you’re in high school. If you’re interested in one of our Career & Technical Education programs that we offer at Pima Community College you’ll earn concurrent enrollment. Almost all of our Central Campus programs offer you the opportunity to earn dual enrollment.

Student using machine to bend metal pieces

Concurrent Enrollment

Students who enroll in our JTED @ Pima Community College programs qualify for Concurrent Enrollment and can expect to:

  • Earn college and high school credit simultaneously
  • Be required to complete the course with a C or better to earn college credit
  • Have a college instructor teach the course
  • Manage yourself with professionalism on campus as you are a college student
  • Save money – your tuition and textbooks will be paid for by Pima JTED

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to take college-level courses for free at JTED and/or their home high school from a certified Pima Community College instructor to earn both high school and college credit. Your teacher must be certified by PCC for you to earn dual credit, therefore the availability of this option depends on your teacher’s credentials.

Dual Enrollment benefits:

  • Earn high school and college credit simultaneously
  • Save money by earning college credit in our tuition free programs
  • You will earn your PCC credits while you’re in class at JTED
  • Build confidence as you transition from high school to college
  • Finish college faster by earning credits toward your degree or certification
  • Take advantage of the opportunities to earn scholarships 

Student Responsibilities with Dual Enrollment:

  • Be sure your can dedicate the time to your course, attendance is crucial to your success 
  • Understand the final grade in the course will be recorded on your college transcript
  • Your grades will impact your college GPA and financial aid
  • Review assignments and grades on a regular basis, and communicate with your teacher if you are having difficulty with the material or are falling behind 
  • Be prepared to manage yourself with professionalism as you are a college student
  • You must earn a C or higher in the course to earn college credit 
  • If you take too many dual enrollment courses in high school, you may not qualify to enter college as a freshman, and this may effect your financial aid and/or scholarships

Requirements for Dual Enrollment:

  • Students must enroll with Pima JTED
  • Complete a free Pima Community College application to obtain A Number by visiting and activating your “MyPima” account

Please see your JTED Instructor and/or your Counselor for more information regarding concurrent or dual enrollment and your JTED program.