Use this form to request approval for student activities fundraisers.

  1. All fundraisers must have prior approval from the Superintendent or designee. A completed approval form must be submitted to the Superintendent two weeks prior to the start of any fundraiser. A request for a purchase order must be submitted to the Accounting office prior to the start of any fundraiser.
  2. The Instructor must oversee all fundraising and must be present at any fundraising activity that is held on or off campus.
  3. Instructors are responsible for all items received and for keeping accurate written records of all transactions.
  4. Student Activities monies are derived from a variety of sources: dues, concessions, ticket sales, publications, fund raising events approved by the Governing Board/Superintendent/Director. All monies raised by the students must be deposited into a Student Enterprise account.
  5. A JTED program may not hold a raffle.
  6. A JTED program may participate in a joint fundraising project with an outside group such a s a parent/citizen organization if the Superintendent has given approval. The proceeds should be allocated proportionately between the two organizations based on the level of effort devoted by each group to the project. The funds should be deposited into the Student Enterprise Account within 30 days of the fundraiser.