Contract for Eliminating Guns and Weapons from School

Arizona Revised Statute #13-3102 states that it is illegal to possess a deadly weapon on school grounds. Any student in possession of any type of weapon on school grounds will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the Pima County Attorney’s Office.

While the elimination of guns and weapons from schools is the responsibility of all segments of the school and society, three individuals have especially crucial responsibility: the student, parent, and superintendent. This contract draws attention to the specific responsibilities of those three individuals.


  • I will tell my peers to seek adult assistance when conflict situations begin to get out of control.
  • I agree not to bring a gun or any weapon to school or to any school event.
  • I will not carry another person’s gun or weapon.
  • If I see a gun or other weapon on campus or at a school event, I will alert an adult about its existence.


  • I will teach, including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons, and I will keep any guns and all weapons I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from my children.
  • I will support the school’s policies to eliminate the misuse of guns and weapons on school grounds and work with the school in developing programs to prevent violence.
  • I will carry out my responsibility to teach my children how to settle arguments without resorting to violence, to encourage him/her to use those ideas when necessary, and to follow school guidelines on reporting guns and weapons they see on campus to an appropriate adult.


  • I will ensure that students have an anonymous way to report to an adult any guns or weapons they see on campus.
  • I will promote conflict resolution for all students as part of the curriculum.
  • I will communicate the school’s policies on guns and weapons to all participants in the school community and focus upon the responsibilities we all have.
  • I will use the school’s student leadership groups and students meetings to obtain ideas to develop a safe school environment.
  • I will report all guns and other weapons violations on campus to law enforcement officials, according to established procedures.