The JTED Fund Committee will consider requests for University of Arizona tuition scholarships. Approximately 20 tuition scholarships of $475 will be awarded on an annual basis to JTED students for UA credits for the CTE Engineering and BioScience/Bio Tech/MCB courses.

The JTED Fund is comprised of volunteers, and operates independently of the Pima JTED district. Their decisions are not governed by, nor necessarily a reflection of the Pima JTED Governing Board or its administration.

  • Teachers, advise your students to describe why they should receive this scholarship in their narrative. Students should include topics such as financial need, how the University of Arizona course will help them achieve their career goals and if they plan to continue their post secondary studies after high school at the UA in a field related in this tuition scholarship request. Upload their narrative to the form.
  • Teachers will need to agree to provide a follow-up report to the JTED Fund Committee explaining the impact of these scholarships to the success of their program.
  • Please allow at least 30 days for the committee to review requests. If approved, payment to the UA will be processed. For questions, please Contact Us in the Finance Office.