District Vehicle Use and Regulations

All employees must abide by the following rules when operating a JTED leased, rented or owned vehicle:

  • Vehicles are for official District business only, they are not to be used for personal use.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ask about re-fueling options when accepting the keys.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Non-JTED employees are not permitted to ride in JTED vehicles without prior written permission from the JTED Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee unless it is for JTED official business.
  • Hand-held cell phone use is not allowed in Pima County and should be avoided by drivers unless the vehicle is parked.
  • Texting or operating other electronic devices is strictly prohibited unless the vehicle is parked safely off the roadway.
  • Distracted driving, e.g. grooming, reading material in the car, is prohibited.
  • Speeding and aggressive driving are prohibited.
  • Drivers must operate the vehicle in a manner that is safe for road and weather conditions.
  • Do not take JTED vehicles to any destination that would embarrass or diminish the reputation of JTED.
  • Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited.
  • Be courteous, remove all personal items and trash when returning a vehicle.
  • Report any accident and/or damage to the vehicle to the District Office as soon as possible.

One or more violations of the above regulations may result in disciplinary action which may include, but is not limited to, loss of vehicle use privileges, and/or termination of employment.

JTED District vehicles are paid for by taxpayer dollars therefore they must be clearly marked at all times with JTED signage. If you are using a car with JTED removable magnets, always remove the magnets before washing the vehicle.  Please report missing or damaged magnets and signage to the Public Relations office.

Things you “auto” know

  • JTED has a limited number of vehicles for business use. Priority for honoring reservations will be based on the purpose of the trip, the distance to be traveled, and the number of JTED employees travelling together.
  • If you are traveling more than ten miles for JTED business, reserve a car in advance by using the online form or contacting the front desk at Master Pieces.
  • If you are travelling less than 10 miles (i.e. from Master Pieces to Mountain View), please do not reserve a car – you may use a JTED vehicle on that day if one is available, otherwise use your own vehicle. (Ask your supervisor if you have questions about reimbursement).
  • Carpool whenever possible. Please check with your fellow employees who may be attending the same meeting, event, or are planning to make a delivery to your destination.