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Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)

Become a Licensed Nursing Assistant and assist patients with health care needs and care for people who are ill or recovering from surgery or disease. As part of a health care team, duties may include assisted daily living skills, bedside care, preparing patients for procedures, and performing tasks within the scope of practice.

Certification: Licensed Nursing Assistant, Caregiver, First Aid, and ServSafe Food Handler

Direct Employment: Licensed Nursing Assistant and Direct Caregiver

Job Leads To: Registered Nurse, Physician, and Patient Care Technician

Eligibility: Grade 12, Prerequisite

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Conventional – Social

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Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)

JTED @ Camino Seco: M – TH 1:20 – 4 pm OR 4:15 – 6:55 pm

JTED @ Master Pieces: M – TH 1:20 – 4 pm OR 4:15 – 6:55 pm

JTED @ The Bridges: M – TH 1:20 – 4 pm OR 4:15 – 6:55 pm

Credits: 3/Year


Locations offering Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA):

  • Innovation Tech High School
  • Ironwood Ridge High School
  • JTED @ Camino Seco
  • JTED @ Master Pieces
  • JTED @ The Bridges
  • Nogales High School
  • Pierson Vocational High School
  • Rio Rico High School
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