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Two year Program of 1600 hours: Prepare for licensure in all aspects of haircare, skincare, and nail care. This program includes all aspects of industry expectations, for infection control, professional development, and salon management. There is an online requirement that aligns with the curriculum being taught in the classroom. The online portion of this program is required to take place outside of normal classroom time and is a mandatory part of the overall program.

Certification: Arizona State Board of Cosmetology License and Barbicide Certification and (Potential Certificate –OSHA 10)

Direct Employment: Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Nail Technician

Job Leads To: Cosmetology Instructor, Hair color Specialist, and Distributor Sales Consultant

Eligibility: Grade 11, Minimum of 10 HS credits (two must be English/Language Arts), complete audit tool prior to enrollment

Holland Codes:




Artistic – Enterprising – Social

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2-year program


JTED @ Camino Seco: M – TH 3:30 – 7:30 pm + F 3:30 – 6 pm

JTED @ Master Pieces Year 1: M – TH 3:40 – 7:40 pm + F 3:30 – 6 pm

JTED @ Master Pieces Year 2: M – TH 3:30 – 7:30 pm +F 3:30 – 6 pm







Locations offering Cosmetology:

  • JTED @ Camino Seco
  • JTED @ Master Pieces
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