Industrial Technologies

male precision machining student using a drill press

Precision Manufacturing

Explore industrial practices and professions with hands-on experiences. Design your own projects with an emphasis on machining and fabrication. Create process plans, learn precision measurement, estimating, welding, and mechanical drawing, all while working in a safe and fun environment. Certification: NIMS Measurement and Safety and NIMS Layout Direct Employment: Machinist Job Leads To: Engineering, Machinist,…

drone aircraft flying

Air Transportation/FAA Drone Operator

Prepare to apply technical knowledge and skills to the flying and/or navigation of aircraft. This program includes instruction in principles of aircraft design and performance, aircraft flight systems and controls, flight crew operations and procedures, radio communications, navigation procedures and systems, airways safety and traffic regulations, and governmental rules and regulations pertaining to piloting aircraft.…

Student with meter checking AC unit


Learn residential Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and servicing. Prepare for employment in residential and light commercial HVAC service and installation. Master the refrigeration cycle, electrical controls, brazing, and soldering. Certification: OSHA 10 and EPA 608 Refrigerant Handling Certification Direct Employment: Entry level HVAC Technician and Maintenance Technician Job Leads To: HVAC Installation…

Diesel Mechanics

Learn to use advanced computer diagnostic systems and how to inspect and check systems Troubleshoot, repair, and perform preventative maintenance on diesel engines Learn about the related electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and refrigeration systems

student operating a bulldozer

Heavy Equipment Operations

Learn to operate different types of heavy equipment including Skid Steer, Backhoe, Forklift, Loader, Bulldozer, and more. Students also visit industry workplaces, demonstrate their learned skills in competitions, and have industry professionals visit the classroom. Certification: Flagger, Forklift (Industrial and Rough Terrain), NCCER Core, First Aid + Bleeding Control, OSHA 10, and Welding Direct Employment:…

Energy Technology

Prepare to earn your certification for direct employment and become eligible for TEP’s pre-apprenticeship program. Learn about installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical infrastructure systems, or the basics of the gas-line industry, industry pipe fitting and gas-line infrastructure systems. Certification: OSHA 10, NCCER Core 1, and NCCER Core 2 Direct Employment: With 2 summer classes…

Mechanical Drafting

Analyze how content and information are communicated in schematics, blueprints, and technical drawings Use computer hardware, software,  input/output devices, CADD/VDCM Modeling, and trigonometry for design drafting Design and create foundry, machine, welded, and sheet metal products Draft assemblies of components including aligned, assembly and cross sections

Welding Technologies

Use oxyfuel, plasma arc, air carbon, semi-automatic cutting, auxiliary, and other welding equipment Weld aluminum, stainless and carbon steels Interpret drawings, symbols, and procedures; lay out projects from blueprints; measure, cut and tack materials for welding Describe non-destructive test, and perform destructive test Learn safety codes and standards   

Architectural Drafting

Learn architectural terminology, blueprint interpretation, and measurement, scale, and engineering concepts in design drafting Create technical drawings and use CADD/VDCM (computer-aided design and drafting/virtual design and construction modeling) software to set up scale, format, dimensioning, etc. Draft floor, foundation/basement, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, ceiling, window and door schedule, cabinet elevation, etc., plans for residential and…


Build skills for a successful woodworking business including estimating supplies and labor costs; learning safe wood products manufacturing procedures; and practicing cabinetmaking skills and equipment use Cut and shape rock; apply wood veneers and plastic laminates; demonstrate principles of joinery; and assemble wood products using fasteners, adhesives and hardware Demonstrate finishing materials and processes on…


Identify regulations and procedures for job site safety, hazards, lifting heavy objects, and fires Learn how to use carpentry hand, portable and stationary power tools/equipment Understand building blueprints, plans, specifications, codes, drawing dimensions Perform concrete/masonry work; cutting and shaping stock; assembling and fastening components; wall, ceiling, and roof framing; interior and exterior finishing; floor, door,…

construction masonry student

Construction Technologies

Learn all aspects of construction including design, estimating, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, and welding. Students also visit industry workplaces, demonstrate their skills in competitions, and have industry professionals visit the classroom. Certification: OSHA 10 and NCCER Core Direct Employment: Entry level or apprenticeship in Electrical, Masonry, Carpentry, or Plumbing Job Leads To: Journeyman License Holder, Project…

Automotive Collision Repair

While training in a full-scale auto shop learn how cars work, automotive maintenance, dis-assembly and assembly repairs, and workplace safety Become proficient working with metal, plastic, fiberglass, and relevant equipment/machines Master refinishing techniques using appropriate materials Earn SkillsUSA membership, participate in competitions, internships, high school credit, and I-CAR certification  

female precision manufacturing student using automated mill machine

Precision Machining

Design and prototype innovative hands on projects as you become proficient in basic machining, measurement, blueprint reading, and safety. Learn to set up manual mills and lathes for operation and create prototypes to print specifications. Gain valuable work experience and nationally recognized certifications, while having fun and working on the best machinery in this NIMS…

aviation students working on small aircraft engine

Aviation Technology

Learn aircraft maintenance, blueprint reading, motion dynamics, electrical systems, aircraft weight and balance, aviation safety, and regulation requirements. These courses are part of the preparation for Airframe and Powerplant certification testing. * Additional Aviation course work is required for the A&P certifications. Certification: General Aviation Mechanics and *Airframe and Powerplant Direct Employment: Mechanic’s Assistant and…

Students working on car engine

Automotive Technologies

Through direct instruction and CDX online automotive training system, understand, diagnose, and repair today’s complex automobiles. Do engine performance diagnosis and repair, evaluate and fix brakes, maintain and repair cooling, steering, suspension, electrical, and electronic systems. Certification: ASE G1 Student, OSHA 10, and SP/2 Direct Employment: Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Job Leads To: Lube…