• Aircraft Mechanics 5

Aviation Technology

  • Learn electrical maintenance and repair
  • Prepare aircraft drawings, symbols, system schematics, alterations, graphs, charts, forms and records
  • Weigh and balance aircraft
  • Maintain and repair fluid lines and fittings
  • Inspect and test aircraft welds and materials
  • Perform ground operation and services
  • Master aircraft cleaning and corrosion control
  • Identify Federal Aviation Administration licensing requirements

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Aviation Technology

2 or 3-year program

Location: JTED @ Pima Community College Aviation Center

Eligibility: Grade 10-11, must have a PCC A#, minimum required PCC assessment scores (math, reading, writing)

Credits: 4 or 5 upon program completion

Meeting times:
Year 1: Tues/Thur 4 – 6:45 p.m.
Year 2: Mon-Thur 4 – 5:30 p.m.

Certifications: General Aviation Mechanic, AirFrame and PowerPlant *requires additional coursework at PCC


Locations offering Aviation Technology:

  • JTED @ PCC Aviation Center
  • NEWS