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Personal Assistant/Caregiver

  • Gain on-site clinical training to provide support and care for the elderly and individuals incapable of caring for themselves.
  • Learn how to prepare meals, help patients follow a proper diet, escort them to appointments, engage them in recreational activities, check vital signs, dispense and monitor medication, participate in a citywide disaster drill, and assist with bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Study legal and ethical responsibilities, prevention of elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation, safety procedures, emergency care, and how to communicate effectively with a supervising nurse about patients.
  • Earn high school credit, CPR/First Aid certification, and your Caregiver certification to work in private homes or assisted living facilities.

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Personal Assistant/Caregiver

1-Year Healthcare Pathway Program*

Locations:  JTED @ Camino Seco, JTED @ Master Pieces


  • Grade 12
  • *Successfully complete Healthcare Foundations or an approved alternative prerequisite at your home high school (Speak with your counselor or a JTED counselor for details)
  • Take a placement test
  • Be able to obtain fingerprint clearance, and pass drug testing and background checks
  • The NCIA/ALFM regulatory agency requires students to provide a valid Social Security number for certification.
  • In order to obtain certification as a Caregiver, students must pass a written skills exam.
  • No high school diploma or GED before May 2019.

Credits:  2/year

Meeting times:
JTED @ Camino Seco: Tue/Thur 2:15 – 6:15 p.m.
JTED @ Master Pieces: Mon/Wed 2:15 – 6:15 p.m.
+ Open Lab Fri 1 – 5 p.m., + minimum of 5 Saturdays (8-hour clinicals) during second semester TBD

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Food Handler, Caregiver


Locations offering Personal Assistant/Caregiver:

  • JTED @ Camino Seco
  • JTED @ Master Pieces
  • Pierson Vocational High School
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