Attendance Policy

Pima County JTED students are expected to attend school every Pima JTED attendance day. Absences from class make skill acquisition difficult and incomplete; thus, absences are very detrimental to success in any Pima JTED program.

Pima JTED instructors will request verification of absences from students.

Every student is required to be in class at the proper time.

Arriving late will be charged as a “tardy.” Excessive tardies may result in loss of class points, assignment of make-up time, and could result in suspension and/or removal from the program.

Students missing a weekend class, based on the length of said class, could be charged two absences. As per instructor discretion, opportunities may be available for making up missed class time.

If a student is unable to attend class (or internship), a parent/guardian is expected to call the attendance hotline at (520) 209-2675 and notify the JTED instructor prior to the start of class that day. The parent/guardian should leave a detailed message, including full student name, reason for absence, class missing, campus attending, and a call back phone number.

Consequences of Absences:

Student may be placed on an attendance contract after his/her third absence.

If a student misses more than 10% of the course meeting time (per semester), he/she could face the following consequence(s):

  • Student will be informed that he/she could possibly lose high school credit.
  • A written notice will be sent home and to the student’s home school.
  • Student will not receive a certificate of program completion. (Students may address the Pima JTED Governing Board to appeal this decision.)
  • Student could be permanently removed from the JTED program.

Parents and students should not expect deviations from the Pima JTED attendance policy. Parents expect the school and the teachers to follow all guidelines; and, likewise, the school would expect parents to cooperate with the attendance procedures. Continued absences and tardies from Pima JTED may lead to failure in the class and/or disciplinary actions.

Pima JTED Central Campus students who attend during regular school hours at our Bridges, Empire, Flowing Wells, Mountain View, Star, and Tanque Verde campuses follow and adhere to the attendance policies at said leased land campus. Please refer to the site’s/district’s policies.

Late Work Due to Absences

A student shall be required to initiate contact with each of his/her teachers to obtain appropriate make-up work for any excused absences. For pre-planned absences, including field trips, a student must inform each of his/her teachers prior to the date of the event. The student may have as many days to make up work missed as the number of days he/she was absent plus one. Work missed by the student due to suspension may be made up for credit at the teacher’s discretion. Extended projects (term papers, etc.) will be due on the assigned date unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Early Release

Parents/Guardians will need to follow the procedures outlined below for early release of Pima JTED students:

  • For pre-planned early releases, a parent/guardian must inform the Attendance Hotline (520) 209-2675 prior to the date of the occurrence. Parents/Guardians must be listed as such per the student’s records on file with the Pima JTED.
  • Parents/guardians are not to go directly to Pima JTED classrooms, they should report to the school office, where a Pima JTED attendance clerk, registrar, or administrator will verify the person’s identity, via the student’s records on file with the Pima JTED.

Students who arrive late to Pima JTED due to appointments or personal business must have prior parental/guardian notification submitted to the Pima County JTED Central Campus through the Attendance Hotline (520) 209-2675. Failure to observe these policies may result in disciplinary action under prevailing Pima JTED attendance policies.

Student Withdrawals From School/Dropouts

A withdrawal form shall be presented to the parent or legal guardian of a student who may or must withdraw from school.  The withdrawal form shall include space for the reason for withdrawal and the signature of an official of the school from which the student has withdrawn.

Reasons for withdrawal may include:

  • Parents or legal guardians moving from the School or to an area served by another school within the School.
  • Parents requesting the withdrawal of students who have passed their sixteenth birthday
  • Expulsion or long-term suspension by the Governing Body

Upon withdrawal, the student shall check in all books and other School property through the office of the school that was attended.