The grading system places heavy emphasis on standards achievement, individual improvement and positive attitudes toward learning.

The grading system at Pima JTED has the following components:

  • Student performance on tests assigned to the program.
  • Student performance on technical and related academic subject matter examinations.
  • Student attendance.
  • Students’ personal work (hands-on, oral, and written assignments), team work, skills and problem solving abilities, and positive work attitude, including the practice of applicable safety rules.

Grading Criteria

Individual teachers may assign different values to the listed components in order to emphasize the importance they attach to each one. Students are awarded credits for participation in Pima JTED programs by their home schools. Pima JTED credits are applied towards home school graduation requirements. Pima JTED awards certificates of completion to students who successfully complete Pima JTED programs.

Grading Requirements

The following grading system will be used in all classes:

  • A: 90-100 Exceeds skill requirements
  • B: 80-89.99 Meets & often exceeds skill requirements
  • C: 70-79.99 Meets minimum skill requirements
  • D: 60-69.99 Below minimum skill requirements
  • F: 59.99–0.0 Failure

Students receiving a failing grade for the fall semester might not be enrolled in the spring semester class. Certain programs may have grade, attendance, or other requirements to qualify for certification testing. Please refer to your program handbook or syllabus.

Final Exams and Waiver of Finals

All students must take semester final exams.