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The Pima JTED Career and Technical Education District offers premier, tuition-free CTE programs to sophomores, juniors and seniors. We serve students from public, private, and charter schools, and students who are home-schooled. Pima JTED also serves students who have not earned a diploma or GED and are under the age of 22. Students may attend Pima JTED classes at one of our Central Campuses, located throughout Pima County, or at one of our satellite locations which are located at all public high schools in Pima County, Santa Cruz Valley, Nogales, and in Mammoth San Manuel.

If you’re interested in one of our Central Campus programs, contact our Student Services Team. If you’d like to enroll in one of our satellite programs, please contact your school counselor, or the school’s CTE Director.

Attendance Hotline 520 209-2675

Pre-Enroll Now!

Do what you love in high school! Check out our Enrollment Page to view our Online Central Campus Program Guide and to complete your Pre-Enrollment form for the 2022-2023 school year. Be sure to view the program page on this website first for eligibility requirements, times and more. For more information or to request printed Program Guides email 

Textbook for the Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Science textbooks for public view

Formal adoption of these textbooks is being considered and will take place after the textbooks have been reviewed by the public for a period of sixty days (prior to the ratification for a formal adoption). This textbooks will remain on display from Wednesday, May 4 through Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at the Pima JTED District…

2022 Summer Exploration Experiences

Registration is now open for our Summer Experiences! Two Day Summer Experience Options for 7th-10th Graders: One week Cyber Bootcamp for 9th-12th Graders:     Explore a variety of Career Tracks in-person with hands on activities, industry speakers, and JTED staff. Choose 1-2 Career Track options to explore each week. Students are expected…

Construction competition is about more than just awards

Arizona Public Media’s Duncan Moon talks to industry leaders, JTED alumni and Jim Luckow about the benefits that students receive from JTED’s Construction program, as well as how the students currently enrolled are the future of the growing industry.

Bring Your Buddy! – A Health Care Foundation Health Fair

Bring another student who is a sophomore or junior & is interested in pursuing a healthcare pathway next year! Join us on one of the following days and come see what our healthcare students are doing to grow into future healthcare professionals! Saturday, April 23, 9-1 p.m., @ The Bridges, 3300 S. Park Ave. Saturday,…

Meet Me @ JTED: A Special Event for Middle School & Homeschool Families

Here are 3 opportunities for you & your Middle School student(s) to learn about the benefits of Career & Technical Education & how we help students to be more successful in school, postsecondary education, & their chosen career. Join speakers Ashley Lown & Amanda Simeza on April 5, 7 or 20 to learn more! RSVP…


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Kick Start Your Career

If you’re looking to get an early start on college or a career, or just looking for a class that offers hands-on fun, take a look at our programs and contact your high school counselor or a member of our Student Services Team to get started. We offer real, relevant, get-your-hands-dirty so you can get a job Career and Technical Education programs.


Average teacher salaries (ARS 15-903 E): Average of all teachers in FY 2022 $59,337. Average of all teachers in FY 2021 $57,609. Increase in average teacher salary from prior year $1,728 (Percentage increase 3%).