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The Pima JTED Career and Technical Education District offers premier, tuition-free CTE programs to sophomores, juniors and seniors. We serve students from public, private, and charter schools, and students who are home-schooled. Pima JTED also serves students who have not earned a diploma or GED and are under the age of 22. Students may attend Pima JTED classes at one of our Central Campuses, located throughout Pima County, or at one of our satellite locations which are located at all public high schools in Pima County, Santa Cruz Valley, Nogales, and in Mammoth San Manuel.

If you’re interested in one of our Central Campus programs, contact our Student Services Team. If you’d like to enroll in one of our satellite programs, please contact your school counselor, or the school’s CTE Director.

Adobe After Effects textbook cover

3D Animation/Virtual Reality & Game Design, and Medical Assistant textbooks for public view

Formal adoption of the following textbooks and online curriculum is being considered and will take place after review by the public for a period of sixty days (prior to the ratification for a formal adoption). These resources may be viewed by the public during business hours at the Pima JTED District Office, 2855 W. Master…

teaching vitals in person and remotely

Pima JTED balances hands-on learning in a virtual year

Tucson Local Media reporter Jeff Gardner speaks with Medical Assistant instructor Demi Vaughn and Superintendent Kathy Prather about the challenges of teaching hands-on curriculum during the pandemic.

meet the teacher podcast logo

Meet the Teacher Podcast with Health Care Foundations Instructor Robert Nemec

HCF Instructor Robert Nemec describes how he helps students gain the basic skills they need to start a medical career, and explore career options in health care so that students can choose the right senior pathway for them.

Meet the Teacher Podcast

Meet the Teacher Podcast with Graphic Design Instructor Mike Srsen

Discover how students can turn their passion for art and design into a rewarding career by mastering the essential Adobe Creative Suite software. Instructor Mike Srsen explains how his students gain real world experience in the student-run business, NexDesign.

Meet the Teacher Podcast

Meet the Teacher Podcast with Physical Therapy Technician Instructor Kimberly McCroy

Meet our Pima JTED Physical Therapy Technician Instructor Kimberly McCroy and learn how you can enter the workforce helping patients by the time you graduate high school and/or successfully enter college to pursue a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant or Physical Therapist.


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Kick Start Your Career

If you’re looking to get an early start on college or a career, or just looking for a class that offers hands-on fun, take a look at our programs and contact your high school counselor or a member of our Student Services Team to get started. We offer real, relevant, get-your-hands-dirty so you can get a job Career and Technical Education programs.